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[GB] Broad Commander + OTOs [Delivered]

05-04-2017, 02:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-08-2017, 02:56 AM by Whisky.)
[GB] Broad Commander + OTOs [Delivered]
[Image: 1492999182_boxshot.png]
  • GB Name : Broad Commander + OTO1 + OTO2 + OTO3
  • Version : Last
  • OS : Linux
  • Type : Pinterest Marketing Bot
  • GB Price : $37 (FE) + $67 (OTO1) + $97(OTO2) +37$ (OTO3) = 238$
  • GB Cost : 7.7$/17 Peoples +0.7$ Fee
  • GB Joined : 15/17 Peoples
  • GB Status : Purchasing
  • Homepage : SalePage

Board Commander is a powerful tool to help automate tasks that can drive traffic from Pinterest to your web site. The materials provided on "Board Commander" are not to be interpreted as a "get rich quick" scheme in any way. Your traffic and earning potential is entirely dependent upon you. The level of success you reach employing these techniques and ideas is entirely dependent upon you; your skills, your financial resources, your advertising and marketing knowledge and your time that you devote to becoming successful. Because of these reasons, we cannot guarantee your earnings level. 
F/E : Board Commander Suite ($37-$47-$57-$67) @50%
Board Commander suite is a software and high end training combination that will show your customers how to generate fast, free traffic in any niche on autopilot and profit from all this traffic using the untapped power of Pinterest. The training shows exactly how Stefan can drive up to 12,000+ visitors a day on autopilot without spending a penny, and your customers actually get the full automating software to build massive Pinterest following and use the secret sauce of Pinterest. 
 OTO 1: Board Commander Unlimited Access ($67) @50%
Instead of just getting ONE pinterest account...your customers get UNLIMITED accounts. This means if they can get 12,000 visitors a day on ONE account, imagine how many they can get with many accounts? This is their chance to really maximize their value, traffic and profits. They will also get full developer rights meaning they can use Board Commander on behalf of clients and get paid to do so. 
 OTO 2: Reseller Rights 100% Revenue Partner ($97) @50%
Let’s face it: selling software is where the money is, BUT getting software created is expensive AND time consuming. Now’s a chance for your customers to sell their own high quality software, keep 100% of the profits and not have to handle ANY customer support. 
 OTO 3: Graphics Suite ($37) @50%
It’s not often you get the ability to get a photoshop grade graphics editor for a small fraction of the photoshop price. Use the Board Commander Graphics suite, built right into the Board Commander software, create stunning images to use for Pinterest and anything else you want instantly. Super easy to use, never worry about hiring a designer, waiting for designers or overpaying again.
[Image: downloadnowvip.0mmo.png]

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