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[GET] Absolute Jacker Power 1.0.4

04-22-2017, 04:02 AM,
[GET] Absolute Jacker Power 1.0.4
[Image: 1453231276_e21.png]
  • Name : Absolute Jacker

  • Version : Power 1.0.4

  • Type : Popup Plugin, Social Lock Plugin

  • Price : $19

  • Homepage : SalePage

"Finally, You Can Put YOUR Opt-Ins, Videos, Ads & Links On The BIG Authority Sites & Multiply Your Sales And Subscribers....Plus Make More Money!"

What if you could 'jack' the authority of established brands, making them do all the hard work for you. while you reaped the profits?

If you could get all that Power in SECONDS. how easy would it be for you to convert your leads into hot, profitable buyers?

What if you could gain ALL the authority of YouTube, Teespring, Amazon, iTunes, Kindle, Google Play, Udemy, Viral Style, Represent and more... AND use a full range of powerful marketing tools on every page?

Imagine... just to choose the site that you like on the internet and make it work for you...
The Good News Is, There Is Such A Thing!

  • Setup the links : With YOUR affiliate links, or to go to your blog, your squeeze page, your own product, the CPA offer you're promoting, in every site you want!

  • Setup Opt-in Pop-ups : Put on any site you wish, also on mobile sites, responsive pop-ups with 3 different opt-in options (Facebook connect, Google Plus, and email opt-in.

  • Opt-in popup builder : With multiple options, buttons, colors, and templates to make your pop-ups look beautiful and increase your success

  • Mouse control popup : Detect the precise moment the visitor is about to leave the page and show them a new incentive to stay.

  • Lock Any Site : For example, lock the content on CNN until the visitors login with Facebook

  • Send FB Notifications : Increase your opt-ins and open rates with the power of Facebook notifications. Anytime you want, send a Facebook notification to your subscribers.

  • Use Social Pop-ups : Forces visitors to like YOUR fan page or tweet YOUR content in any authority.

  • Automatically Post to Facebook : Make your new campaign instantly post to Facebook to get traffic on demand.

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04-22-2017, 09:06 AM,
[GET] RE: Absolute Jacker Power 1.0.4
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04-22-2017, 11:08 PM,
[GET] RE: Absolute Jacker Power 1.0.4
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05-08-2017, 01:32 PM,
[GET] RE: Absolute Jacker Power 1.0.4
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