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[GET][LATEST] AK Booster Pro 1.2

10-21-2016, 01:26 AM,
[GET][LATEST] AK Booster Pro 1.2
[Image: 1476894938_ak-booster-pro-review.jpg]
  • Name : AK Booster Pro

  • Version : 1.2

  • OS : Windows/MAC

  • Type : Kindle Tools

  • Price : $197

  • Homepage : SalePage

AK Booster Pro is a Kindle market research desktop software. This is a one-stop solution for Kindle market research that has been designed to cut users average research time by 95% and automatically list out all the popular and easy to rank niches in Kindle that can easily be dominated.
AKbooster is designed in a KISS layout with only the tabs and information you really need. No complicated layout or campaign set up that confuses non-tech savvy individuals. All the data can easily be exported to excel file.


There are 3 sections in the software:
Niche Finder Section:
Niche Finder finds amazons leading indicators (what users are searching for on just Amazon) and can organize them instantly by rank of most popular to least popular.
Niche Finder can find a specific score for how competitive a niche keyword will be, how in demand it will be, and an overall score of how easy it will be to make money or rank your book with this keyword. This is calculated specifically on Amazon and for Amazon Kindle, not with the Google keyword tool or Google trends.
The competition, demand, and overall scores are shown in red, yellow, and green letting you know instantly if this is a good niche keyword. A number from 1-100 is assigned for each score letting you know specifically how well this keyword will do.
Submitter Section:
The submitter section contains the largest collection of free and paid sites users can submit their books to get reviews and downloads including more than Author Marketing Club. These include not just Kindle freebie sites, but popular Facebook groups that allow you to advertise your book for free.
By clicking on the tab, the submitter section opens the exact page you need to submit your book saving hours of time.
The submitter section also contains the best paid-advertising sites to submit your books to, such as Kindle Nation Daily and BookBub.
The reviewer section finds potential reviewers for your book in Amazon, GoodReads, and Facebook. The Amazon section finds the most recent and helpful reviewers in any specific niche and shows you their email, ID, and website.
Goodreads section searches specific reading groups in your desired niche and pulls their ID, email, and website for you to contact them.
Facebook section searches for other authors and readers for your specific niche in Facebook groups and gives your their link ID to contact.
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12-11-2016, 04:53 PM,
[GET][LATEST] RE: AK Booster Pro 1.2
i will try it, thanks for share

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