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[GET][LATEST] Creative Post : ALL NEW 3.1.0

08-08-2016, 07:55 PM,
[GET][LATEST] Creative Post : ALL NEW 3.1.0
[Image: 1468945629_simple-logo-copy.png]
  • Name : Creative Post : ALL NEW 2016

  • Version : 3.1.0

  • OS : Windows

  • Type : Email Marketing Tools

  • Price : $25

  • Homepage : SalePage

All New & Improved - Classified Posting Software "Creative Post!" Delivers Fresh 2016 leads On A CSV For Manta, Zomato (previously known as urban soon!). Get Business Names, Numbers And Even Ratings. Plus! The All New Website Report-Pdf System Makes things smoother then ever. On Top Of That You Can Now Post In Different Time Intervals And Tons More!
ALL NEW! - Creative Post Classified Posting Software

With over 5,000 users and your genuine support we decided that it was only right that we build and bring you and even better version of Creative Post!

We wanted to make the All New - Creative Post even more diverse then before. With that said we decided to bring on 2 very cool sites packed with tons of leads for us to Leverage as consultants - Manta and previously known as Urban Spoon! Zomato.


With 89 Million Users we just had to bring on MANTA. See here is the thing with manta unlike all other directories out there these guys focus on getting real small businesses that are actively doing business on to the platform. With out a doubt manta is one of the largest online communities for promoting and connecting businesses. Its basically 1 gigantic place for businesses like us!

Urban spoon on the other hand was sold for $52 million dollars. Now the site is called Zomato! And what makes me even more excited is that they have even more restaurant users then ever before. And for us this is excellent news!

So with out a doubt we just had to add these 2 big lead sources on to our platform and deliver them to you on a digital silver platter "also known as the good old CSV!"

As local consultants our selves we know what to look for so after several weeks our DEV-Staff was able to get the ALL NEW - Creative Post to pull Business Names, Full Addresses, Star Ratings And Phone Numbers from those 2 sources above! All on auto - zero manual work.

But that's not it.we like to over deliver.

Now you can preset you ads to post in different time intervals either while your logged in or anonymously with out being logged in. So now you can preset all of your ads for any of the classified sites in the plat form. All automatically!

PDF Report/Text system NOW lets you generate a full PDF report for any URL you choose. Its really simply! Simply enter the URL generate the report type up sales Text save and your good to go. You can even charge for this as you want.

No more old school templates now you can pre-design your ads rite from the software before posting it up. Text, Colors, Images and more get creative And have fun with it is all it takes.

Bug Free - yep! This all new 2016 "Creative Post" classified poster is bug free. And to compliment your purchase we also made the interface way easier to use. No guess work you can easily handle everything from your computers navigation.

I'm all about the cherry on top! Last but not least you can now renew yours ads with out any freezes our captcha pauses.
[Image: Screen-Shot-2016-03-23-at-1.05.00-AM-copy-2.png]

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[GET][LATEST] RE: Creative Post : ALL NEW 3.1.0


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