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[GET][LATEST] Human Or Bot 26.0

08-08-2016, 01:17 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-21-2017, 04:57 AM by Whisky.)
[GET][LATEST] Human Or Bot 26.0
[Image: 1466882830_human-or-bot1-130x180.png]
  • Name : Human Or Bot

  • Version : 26.0

  • OS : Windows

  • Type : Traffic Tools

  • Price : $800

  • Homepage : SalePage

Human or Bot is an application of "automation" that help promote websites in Google based on keywords.
It is based on an algorithm thought of a team of programmers who have tried to implement like a human operator in google, therefore this software will try to be very human, and why we chose the name Human or Bot for it is very hard to tell the difference almost impossible.
This software can be used to promote sites in Google.


Here are the steps work:
1. Automatically delete browsing tracks from previous session.
2. Set a random browser (user agent), (example: Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc), has included more than 1,000 browsers.
3. Set a different operating system, (example: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac, Android, etc), has included more than 30 operating system.
4. Set a random screen resolution.
5. Change a new Ip, depending on country, region, city targeted by you.
6. Browse on the google set you, (example:
7. Find your webpage in google (search page by page).
8. Click on your result on google.
9. Wait a random time on your website.
10. Detects all internal pages of your website.
11. Browse on the random url.
12. Wait a random time on this page.
13. Close Session and repeat again this function.
[Image: qT9oftL.png]

[Image: downloadgreen.gif]

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08-15-2016, 08:37 PM,
[GET][LATEST] RE: Human Or Bot 26.0
Thank you so much for your nice stuff!!
08-28-2016, 07:55 PM,
[GET][LATEST] RE: Human Or Bot 26.0
[Image: angel.gif]
12-20-2016, 05:57 PM,
[GET][LATEST] RE: Human Or Bot 26.0
i wil try it. Thanks Bro share
01-01-2017, 09:04 AM,
[GET][LATEST] RE: Human Or Bot 26.0
[Image: surprised.gif]
05-05-2017, 08:44 AM,
[GET][LATEST] RE: Human Or Bot 26.0
lets try it, thanks
for share

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