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[GET][LATEST] KinSEO Agent 1.0.4

09-26-2016, 11:00 AM,
[GET][LATEST] KinSEO Agent 1.0.4
[Image: KinSEO_0.png]
  • Name : KinSEO Agent

  • Version : 1.0.4

  • OS : Windows

  • Type : Kindle Tools

  • Price : $17

  • Homepage : SalePage

Finds Keywords for Your Book - Provides Potential Keyword/Book Ideas From Both Google and Amazon
Discover The Single 60 - Second Trick That Will Instantly Boost Your Book in The Amazon Search Rankings!
Inside I'm going to blow open this "trick" that Amazon doesn't tell you about, most of the top authors keep secret, and my team and I most recently discovered.
It has a huge effect on your book promotions and you probably have neglected it (or haven't actively used it like we'll show you).
It's so important to Amazon search rankings!
And no one else has talked about it. No one has mentioned it. And none of the top authors want me to tell you.

  • How to Quickly Dominate the Amazon Search Results Page!

  • How A 60 - Second Trick Will Make the Difference Between A #1 Spot in Amazon and #200.

  • This Hidden Secret Amazon Has Been Keeping From Authors.And How Only A Few Have Discovered It (And Been Using It)

  • Why Target Keywords In Your Title, Descriptions and Keyword Box Are Not Enough To Rank Your Book.and How to Change It

  • Why You've Been Wasting Time and Money On Book Promotions - Causing Your Book to Not Stick In Amazon!

  • Location, Location, Location! Where You Put Your Keywords Makes The Difference.I'll Show You Where!

  • And More!

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