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[GET][LATEST] Quick Macros

08-08-2016, 01:58 PM,
[GET][LATEST] Quick Macros
[Image: qm.png]
  • Name : Quick Macros

  • Version :

  • OS : Windows

  • Type : Macro

  • Price : $60

  • Homepage : SalePage

Quick Macros - automation software for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10.Quick Macros can automate most tasks that you could do manually with keyboard and mouse. Also it can automate many other tasks

  • Automate various repetitive tasks in windows and dialogs. Click menus, buttons, links and other objects. Press keys, copy/paste text. Interact with user interface objects without keyboard and mouse. Find and click images on screen.

  • Manipulate windows. Activate, close, resize, move, get properties.

  • Manage files. Run, open, copy, delete, find, get properties, zip.

  • Automatically close annoying popup windows. Automatically fill dialog fields. Perform various other actions when a certain window is created.

  • Run programs, open documents, folders and websites faster from a custom toolbar or popup menu. Use toolbars/menus to insert email addresses and other frequently used text in the active window.

  • Internet tasks. Automate web browser. Interact with web page objects without keyboard and mouse. Login, fill forms. Extract data. Download files. FTP, email.

  • Get text from various sources: window, file, web browser, Internet, Excel, database, Sqlite database, registry, XML, CSV, INI. Process it, extract some parts. Send it to another window, Excel, file, etc.

  • Various admin tasks. Install software. Monitor files, processes, logs. Manage services. Backup files. Shutdown, restart, sleep, lock computer.

  • Various software and web development tasks. Software testing.

  • Quick Macros can replace various utility, application launcher and other programs, reducing the number of installed programs and running processes. Some examples can be found in the forum.

[Image: downloadgreen.gif]

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