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[GET] Link Gate v9.1.0.1

08-17-2016, 01:16 PM, (This post was last modified: 08-17-2016, 04:29 PM by Whisky.)
[GET] Link Gate v9.1.0.1
[Image: linkgate-med.jpg]
  • Name : Link Gate

  • Version :

  • Type : Email Marketing Plugin

  • Price : $28

  • Homepage : SalePage

"Increase Reader Engagement, Ensure Important Messages Get Seen, And Grow Your Mailing List..."
Are your readers missing important pieces of information? Chances are, the answer is yes.
Here's why... We simply don't have time. We're always in a hurry to get to the next email, the next video, the next social media site.
The result? We scan the content, click the links, and move on.
For the website owner, that means you have to work even harder to get a reader's attention and get him to take action.

  • Installs quickly and easily right from your WordPress dashboard.

  • Works with any mailing list provider--no complex configuration needed.

  • Use for opt-ins, information and more.

  • Easily include images and HTML in your pop-ups.

  • Unlimited color choices to match any theme.

  • Opt-in forms use both name and email or only email for total flexibility.

  • Add background images, borders and more with the simple point and click interface.

  • Create unlimited Link-Gates for use on any page or post on your site.

  • Add customized calls to action to every post--give your readers exactly what they need, right when they need it.

  • Create informative, pop-up "Learn more" content to make training programs or step-by-step instructions easier to follow.

  • Add multiple Link-Gates to single posts or pages.

  • A button added to your post editing screen makes inserting Link-Gates fast and easy.

  • Works with shortcodes so thise's no javascript to break during post editing.

  • Use on blog posts, sales pages, contact pages and more.

  • Style the text and images for maximum impact.

[Image: downloadgreen.gif]

[Image: whisky.gif] 
Skype Support : Whiskymmo (Whisky VK)

05-07-2019, 06:41 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-07-2019, 06:42 AM by ariesbudiharyanto.)
[GET] RE: Link Gate v9.1.0.1
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