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[GET] WP Lead Hunter v1.2

08-17-2016, 05:55 PM,
[GET] WP Lead Hunter v1.2
[Image: WP-Lead-Hunter.jpg]
  • Name : WP Lead Hunter

  • Version : 1.2

  • Type : Email Marketing Plugin

  • Price : $67

  • Homepage : SalePage

WP Lead Finds Leads!
WP Lead Hunter - Powerful WordPress Plugin That Instantly Gathers Local Leads And Shows You Exactly What To Sell Them In Seconds

WP Lead Hunter is a kind of huge lead finding tool that identifies 9 different opportunities for each local business lead found, of how you can approach and sell them. WP Lead Hunter is a brand new and unique product developed by Jamie and David. WP Lead Hunter is the greatest "Opportunity Finder" lead/prospect tool. We developed this tool for our business & today give you the chance to turn your prospecting on steroids & in turn, drastically improve your customer generation locally. WP Lead Hunter not only finds hundreds of businesses in seconds for any local keyword you want to search, in any business niche & in any area of the world.but it identifies chances for you too. WP Lead Hunter shows you who to contact & approach.& identifies wide open chances to approach for each individual business at the same time. WP Lead Hunter is The best Plugin that transform your local marketing business forever.


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08-25-2016, 04:52 AM,
[GET] RE: WP Lead Hunter v1.2
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