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[GET] WooCommerce Dropshippers 2.7 WordPress Plugin

03-12-2017, 08:17 AM,
[GET] WooCommerce Dropshippers 2.7 WordPress Plugin
[Image: banner.jpg]
  • Name : WooCommerce Dropshippers
  • Version : 2.7
  • OS : Linux
  • Type : WooCommerce
  • Price : 25
  • Homepage : SalePage
Free WooCommerce Dropshippers is a WordPress plugin that makes your e-commerce dropshipper-ready. No more compromises, no more tentative solutions, this is the one and only fully functional dropshipping platform for WooCommerce!With Nulled WooCommerce Dropshippers an administrator can assign to an user the custom role of "Dropshipper". Once the role is assigned to the user, the administrator can assign products to him/her. That's it!

- Added: Images in web-based Packing Slip
- Added: Filter to hide shipped orders in Dropshippers orders page
- Added: Dropshippers can now mark their orders as shipped from the Email they receive, without logging in
- Added: All the Emails to Dropshippers can be sent in BCC to a custom Email address
- Added: All the notifications to the shop owner can be sent in CC to a custom Email address
- Bug fixing: Fixed a bug that on some installations did not allow the creation of the pdf
- Tweak: Improved graphics
- Tweak: Changed the menu position
[Image: downloadgreen.gif]

03-26-2017, 05:30 PM,
[GET] RE: WooCommerce Dropshippers 2.7 WordPress Plugin
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